Elizabeth Goins, Ph.D.

Elizabeth has devoted her life to teaching others and constantly learning about communication. She loves helping people discover and build new speaking confidence to accomplish their goals.

​After graduating with a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from UT Austin, she founded GEC and joined the McCombs School of Business faculty. Now, she's got nearly 2000 hours of communication coaching, 8 years of university teaching, and nearly 300 group trainings under her belt. Clients love Elizabeth's honest, approachable, engaging communication style, as well as her wealth of research-based knowledge and practical expertise.

Before ATX, Elizabeth worked on K Street in Washington, D.C. public affairs while getting her masters degree in Strategic Communication. She grew up in Alexandria, VA and is proud to have called Texas home for the last ten years. Elizabeth loves fitness, gardening, cooking, and enjoying lively discussions (preferably with a delicious Syrah) about culture, business, politics, and sports with her husband Mike and their friends. ​​

"I went into my sessions with Elizabeth with certain goals and talking points in mind. However after talking, we adapted our directions into many other communication skills where I needed work. She was able to identify and develop these areas through organic conversation. I always left our sessions with useful tactics and goals to strive for in future interactions. For us professionals, experienced coaches with this breadth of knowledge are hard to find and connect with. "

-UT McCombs School of Business Executive MBA Candidate

"Elizabeth is an excellent speaker coach who tailors her approach according to the needs of the client. She was instrumental in helping me prepare for a presentation. Due to Elizabeth’s effective feedback and guidance, my presentation was very well-received. Elizabeth steered me to remove the clutter from my presentation, making it simple and authoritative. She also gave me suggestions on how to deliver my pitch with poise and confidence. It was a pleasure working and learning with her."

-Aqueel Darbar, Product Line Marketing Manager, Microsemi Corporation 

"I have been working with Elizabeth for a few years now, and her work is very valuable. She has helped our company with the complicated task of improving our sales executives' communication skills, which is crucial thing in our business. Elizabeth is a very experienced communication coach that can resolve complex corporate issues; she perfectly knows her trade and helps with every stage of our internal training process. As the result, our rigorous system of selecting and onboarding sales staff has helped us expand our operations and grow our business in a measurable way. I strongly recommend Elizabeth as a brilliant communication expert for both personal and corporate tasks; she is a specialist who delivers outstanding results."

-Tim Procopovich, Senior Vice President, Syberry Corporation 

"Over the course of two years, I met with Elizabeth for presentation skills on both individual and team projects. She tailored her constructive and actionable feedback to my individual strengths and weaknesses. Each time I met with Elizabeth, she gave me a new skill that helped me grow to become a better speaker.  When I had to give a presentation to a large group of executives as part of an interview process, Elizabeth's encouraging style helped me build the confidence I needed to ace the interview and get the job offer!  Elizabeth helped me land my dream job and provided me with skills I will rely on for the rest of my career."

-Katy Rebernak, Global Leadership Program, Michelin

Meet the Founder

"I began working with Elizabeth to help me get ready for recruiting. She helped me realize that I was trying to cram too much information in my resume and pitch, leading to low-impact delivery. She was instrumental in helping me focus on my top strengths and showcase them. Elizabeth also helped me develop an understanding of how to prioritize my content and deliver it in a simple and impactful way. I can't thank her enough for her contributions in helping me land my position with Amazon."

-Sarim Ali, Operations Manager, Amazon

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